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Title: Chase
Pairing: Yunho / Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Genre: AU. Weird. (is there such genre? OTZ)
Summary: Spending much of his free time for a couple of days in Nirvana, Yunho realized that needed to experience, to be enlightened once more.

As soon as he was given the access, Yunho rushed to the door, exiting the place, trying to get a hand of what he asked for. he–

He was here. He was definitely here.

–are the words that occupied his mind. Planning, how he could catch the blonde who escaped his sight as soon as their sight met each other’s a while ago. Everything happened in a haste, and Yunho have no idea why it happened in such a way. To be fair, he has the permission to go meet him. To talk to him. To spend time with him.

He reserved him for the rest of today, even for the rest of the week. Waiting for two hours for all the transactions to be finished was worth it. Yunho always thought that it was always worth it.

He was worth it.

Glancing at both sides of the road, he tried to trace the other man’s tracks. It wasn't raining in particular, or that there are a lot of people walking the streets at this ungodly hour. The number of pedestrians hurrying on their way to their homes after their graveyard shifts in his sight were not that much. He turned his head near the convenience store to his right side, and glanced if the blonde is hiding behind the display of flowers located to the shop on his left. Glancing at the opposite direction, his eyes caught that shiny golden leather jacket hunged against the blonde's shoulders across the sidewalk.

There you are.

The owner of the said coat glanced at his back; felt like someone was looking behind him. He turned around and found Yunho’s eyes staring at him.

“Found me?” Jaejoong whispered into the air, hoping that Yunho can hear them.  Jaejoong saw him still standing in front of the club near its entrance. Yunho might have caught his words, because it’s weird to shout at someone who is at the other side of the road in daybreak, when it’s the only time the city is less noisy.

When you can just go cross the road through the pedestrian lane when it’s good to go.

But Jaejoong was feeling exceptionally giddy for no reason. Just to see Yunho somewhere, outside of his workplace, outside of any love hotels, outside of any appointment was giving him some unexplainable feelings.

No, that’s not good. He’s a customer, Jaejoong. Know your place.

Jaejoong tried to lecture himself. Pointing out everything about Yunho that could prevent such feelings. But a customer of him for eight months, that is. The only point that Jaejoong can’t decide if it is a good one or not.

Yunho raised his hand, giving a signal to Jaejoong that he is already here, but little did he notice Jaejoong knows it’s him. Sometimes, Yunho can be oblivious, too. That’s an international business man for you, though.

He was about to go to Jaejoong’s direction when he noticed that the blonde guy’s about to leave his place.

“Wait a min–”

Jaejoong decided it is fine to shout, anyway. No one knows him outside Nirvana, so doing loud actions (for him), is occasionally fine.

“Catch me if you want me!” he shouted, and Jaejoong started running away from Yunho’s sight.

Only if you’re always like that, when you’re with me. Yunho sighed, smiling a bit by Jaejoong’s words. Yunho was taken away by his bold actions. And at such place!

“Oh, if only you know how much I want you now.” Jung Yunho knows how to manage his conglomerate, but some parts of his body just can’t be tamed when he sees Jaejoong.

And he starts running and looking for Jaejoong when the traffic lights signaled go.

This was originally posted last 2012.
Tags: drabble, yunjae
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