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Grocery Day

Title: Grocery Day
Series: Mama's Boy
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, AU
Beta: lilou99
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.
Summary: When the Kim household ran out of stock in the fridge, Jaejoong brings out his baby to shop with him.

“Baby, is it tight?” Jaejoong secured the seat belt once more for the front passenger as he fastened his own seat belt. He wanted to ask Yunho once more if the really want to occupy the seat beside him, and not use the baby car seat for his own safety and comfort. But then, Yunho is a fast growing kid, Jaejoong disregarded the question in his mind

“I’m okay, Mama. I can breathe.” Yunho held Mr. Green closer to his chest, pushing in the Ray Ban shades placed on the bridge of his nose, waiting for his Mama to start the engine. Jaejoong wore his own shades and drove the Audi out of the garage to the nearest supermarket from home.

“What are we going to buy, Mama?” Yunho tilts his head side to side, waiting for some music to fill in the car. Jaejoong sensed the lad’s boredom and put the radio on, not forgetting to put it on Yunho’s favourite station.

“We just have to stuff the fridge, sweetie. Daddy does not want his baby boy to lose weight…” Yunho growled at the statement, aware of his Mama teasing him. “…for now.”

Yunho pouted, that kind of pout when someone feels like life is miserable, but he does not think his is miserable because, how could it be? He is one smart and handsome baby with smart and gorgeous (not to mention tormenting sometimes but still lovely) parents.

He just have one, teeny weeny question.

Why does his Daddy don’t want him to lose weight?

Jaejoong’s laugh was infectious for . It was soft and sweet that you might smile if you hear it. And Yunho caught it from his Mama, having him share a laugh with Jaejoong wondering why is Mama laughing.

“Oh, honey, you are still young. Kids at your age look cuter if they are not too thin. Your baby fats add more cuteness to you.” Jaejoong has seen the baby pouted while making a turn towards the subdivision's main gate. Yunho figured out he voiced out his question in mind. Too much thinking at a young age, Yunho thought he should just let himself be a baby and his curiosity spared for later.

“So carrots, check. Beef… check. Pota–”

“Mama, can we buy that one again?” Jaejoong looked away from the checklist to his 4-year old son, pointing at the jar of Choco spread.” Oh, Nutella, eh?

“But your father said no sugar this week.” Daddy promised to bring home sweets. Lots of sweets.

“Just one, Mama, please? I promise I won’t finish it in one day.” Yunho’s pleading repeats and repeats until Jaejoong succumbs to his pouts. He grabbed the smaller one (the fewer it is, the faster it’s gone) and placed it in the cart among the other items.

Yunho squealed in delight and grabbed his Mama on his neck and pressed kisses on his cheek. Yunho knew that he won. There goes his cheeky smile. Who could resist this cute toddler?

“More Nutella!” Jaejoong chuckles at the toddler as they pay on the counter. Jaejoong’s phone buzzed and he answered the call without looking at the ID caller.


‘Honey, I’ll go home today.’ Oh!

“Have you landed already?” Landed? Yunho’s ears perked up, hearing this word whenever his Daddy will be going home from overseas.

“Daddy?” Yunho mouthed at his Mama who was still on the phone, while the cashier asked for the payment for the items. Jaejoong nodded at his baby and handed his card to the woman on the counter. Yunho’s attention was drifted away as he watch the card of his Mama slide through a small machine (he forgot what his Mama called it) and keyed in some numbers before handing it back to his Mama.

Jaejoong locked his side of the car as well as Yunho’s, after he placed the groceries at the compartment. Starting the car, he secured Yunho’s seat belt again before driving away.

“Daddy’s coming home?” Yunho clutched Mr. Green in glee, his excitement unhidden from his eyes as he watched his Mama take a left turn and head straight to their house.

“Yes, baby. He said he’ll be home before dinner.” Jaejoong parked his car in front of their house and unfastened his belt as well as Yunho’s before taking the groceries back at the compartment.

“Surprise!” A male voice shouted when Jaejoong opened the door. He’s here already?

“Daddy!” Yunho wiggled his body to be out from his Mama’s hold, striding his way to Daddy.

“Hey sport.” Daddy caught Yunho in his arms as the toddler embraced him tight.

“Did you miss Daddy?” Yunho nodded as his father grinned at him. Yunho replied with a grin, mimicking his father’s.

“Hey, honey.” Jaejoong kissed his husband as he put the groceries on the kitchen counter.

“Me too, Mama.” Yunho pointed at his lips when he saw his parents greeted each other with a kiss. He does not want to be outnumbered by his father when it comes to Mama’s kisses (but he is already, before he was even born.)

Jaejoong gave him a sweet kiss to his baby, and left the other two to proceed in making dinner. He knew Yunho has a lot of questions to ask his father about his recent business trip.

This was originally posted last 2013, during the 10th Anniversary Celebration.
Tags: au, drabble, fandom: dbsk, series: mama's boy
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