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[MISC] Choseon Era: Honorific Terms

Note: I only put the terms that will be used in the story, other terms will be added after some time. You can go search for the other titles for your own preference.
Honorific terms were used from the Choseon & Goryeo periods.


We know that both Choseon and Goryeo refers to Korea as a nation.

But in this fiction, Choseon refers to the whole, unified nation; north and south. Goryeo is a nation, specifically the second nation. The other kingdoms were Baekje and Silla but don't worry, I won't use these kingdoms in the story.
*Society Classes*
(according to highest to lowest)
** please know that this Caste System is almost the same with the bone-rank system but still invented and decided by the author.
*** I really wanted to use the Korean caste system, but it's too complicated for my brain OTL.

1. Royal Family - The Royal Clan
2. Yangban - civil and military officials; north and south faction; scholars - sons of officials, people who are given the privilege to be part of the government, men who study about Choseon (Korea).
3. Palace Functionaries - People serving the palace and lower-rank officials.
4. Common people - tax-paying free people, people in village, jobs at market, agriculture, fishing, etc.
5. Inferior - slaves, beggars, entertainers and gisaengs (prostitutes), former criminals.

*Female Honorific Names*

1. Gongju - A royal Princess who is a daughter of King and official wife (who is proclaimed as the King's Queen)
2. Ongju - A royal Princess who is a daughter of King and a concubine
3. Agissi - Her Young Highness; girls in royal family before getting married
4. Jaga - married girls in the royal family / Her Excellency
*Male Honorific Names*

1. Daewang - Great King
2. Hwang-je - King
3. Sangwang - former ;King, voluntarily handed his throne to his son, but he still has powers in the palace
4. Naratnim / Imgeum - colloquial term for King, mostly used by people who pay less respect to the King.
5. Gugwang - King in the other state; a King from the other place visiting a kingdom.
6. Jeonha - added to a King's title, meaning His Majesty
7. Wangseje - Royal Prince Successor , younger brother to the King, heir of the throne since the current King has no offspring.
8. Naeuri - Sir
*Other Terms*

-nim - added to appear super formal
-mama - added to the title name, meaning Royal Highness, for Kings and Queens exclusively
Cheob - Concubine ;  in Korean history, it is legal for the king to have a concubine - mistress in modern world - as long as he can support them; it depends to the King if he wants to marry her and become a legal wife & queen.
Jeokki - Vest in a Man's Hanbeok
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